Severe Weather in Central US, Multi-Day Rounds of Storms and Flood Threat

Bryony Hollis

Severe weather over parts of the West and Central US could spawn tornadoes, separate rounds of thunderstorms will span the lower 48 over multiple days, bringing a significant chance of flooding. The 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts for Wednesday The risk of flooding and excessive temperatures are the biggest weather …

Multi-Front, Multi-Day Severe Weather and Longest Heat Wave in 14 Years

Bryony Hollis

Severe weather on 3 fronts for Thursday and another round returning on Saturday, NWS predicts the longest heat wave in 14 years, plus today’s weather alerts and the 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts The National Weather Service issued the following weather alerts for Thursday. Severe thunderstorm watch: south-central and eastern New York; …

Flooding Rain Threatens 8 States over the Next Three Days

Bryony Hollis

Flooding rain will threaten 8 states over the next three days as a system of disturbed weather hangs over the Gulf, while risk of severe weather in the East, heat waves continue in the West and Central US. The 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts Here are the latest weather alerts by the …

Severe Weather Spans nearly the Entire Nation with More Storms Ahead

Bryony Hollis

Strong storms will be the pattern over the next several days, bringing heavy rain, the threat of flooding and a risk of severe weather across the country, and heat alerts in the East. Today’s weather, warnings and 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts for Thursday Here are the latest weather alerts by the …

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