5 Things You Can Do to Prep For Spring Weather


I know, I know, we’re still in the thick of winter weather. Heck, there may be snow on the ground wherever you are in the country. Regardless, it’s still never too early to start prepping for spring weather. 

Milder weather is just about a month away, so why not get a head start on your spring checklist. From cleaning gutters to checking on the tools, here are a few things you can do to prep for a new season of weather.

Clean Those Gutters

As we get closer to spring, it’s probably a good idea to start cleaning out your gutters. There’s a solid chance your gutters have accumulated quite a bit of debris over the winter, which can cause issues for your home.

In fact, if gutters are properly cleared it can lead to flooding or serious roof damage. If you have a nice weekend this month, take some time and give your gutters the attention they deserve.

Check Your Vents

Once the snow has melted away, check your vents along the foundation of your home. They may be completely missing or damaged due to rodent infestation. (I know, gross). If you notice any of these issues, replace your vents ASAP. 

How Are the Tools Holding Up?

There’s a good chance you probably haven’t used your lawnmower, leaf blower, or other warm-weather tools this winter, so now’s the time to make sure they’re in good condition.

If they aren’t, take this month to grab a new one. In fact, tools like lawnmowers may be cheaper right now, since we’re still in winter, so you could get yourself a nice deal. 

Groom Trees 

Winter storms can do some damage to your trees and bushes, so take a little bit of time to get rid of debris. Remove broken branches and clean up any bushes that may have been shaken up by a storm.

Clean the Grill and Patio Furniture

After being stuck inside for months, nothing sounds better than being able to enjoy a nice sunny day out on the patio, right?

Well, in order to make sure you can enjoy the nicer weather, it’s important to clean your patio furniture and grill. Check to make sure your grill hasn’t developed any rust spots and that the fuel tank hose hasn’t been damaged.

In regards to patio furniture, it’s probably a good idea to do a deep cleaning of any cushions and scrub down all waterproof items.