Caught Driving in a Hailstorm? Here’s What You Need to Do


We’ve all encountered a hailstorm at some point in our lives, right? One moment the sky is clear and then all of a sudden tiny (or sometimes large) balls of ice are plummeting to the earth!

Though hailstorms usually only last for a handful of minutes, they can still be scary, especially if you’re driving. Not only do hailstorms make it very difficult to see out of your windows, but they can also cause some serious damage.

While you should do your best to avoid driving during a hailstorm (if you can), here’s what you should do if you happen to get caught in one:

Pull Over as Soon as Possible

Whether you’re just a few minutes from your house or you’re on the highway, try to pull over as soon as possible. Try to find a covered shelter (like in a parking garage or gas station) and wait there until the hail storm has passed. But, if you’re on the highway and the next rest stop is miles away, try to find shelter under an overpass.

Do Not Get Out of Your Car

Though it may be tempting to want to check the damage, do not get out of your car until the entire hailstorm has passed. Hail can get as big as baseballs, which could seriously injure you if one hit you in the head. While no one wants their car to get damaged, better for it to be your car than your head!

Watch the Glass

Windshield glass is very strong and not likely to break from hail damage, but be careful with the side windows. In fact, if the hail is very big and obviously causing damage to the roof, encourage everyone in the car to put their heads between their legs or sit on the floor, just in case the glass does break. 

Remember to Breathe

While it may feel like hailstorms last forever, the reality is most only last for around five to 10 minutes. Do your best to relax while it’s happening and remind yourself it’ll be over very shortly. It’s important to stay calm in these situations. 

Call Your Insurance Company Right Away

Plenty of hailstorms cause no external damage at all, but if your car does get dented or windows get broken, make sure to file a claim with your insurance company right away. Take photos of the damage and send those along as well. Your insurance company will assess the damage and then recommend what you need to have fixed.