How to Prep Your Outdoor Space For Spring Weather


Spring is finally here! While the arrival of warmer weather is certainly welcome, spring also means the possibility for plunging temperatures and unexpected precipitation.

Between heavy rain and wind, hailstorms, and even tornados, it can be a little stressful to take care of an outdoor space knowing bad weather could all but ruin it. 

However, there are simple and easy ways to prep your outdoor space in case of bad weather. As we head towards April showers (which will bring May flowers), here’s how to get yourself ready:

Pick the Right Furniture

When setting up your outdoor space it is incredibly important to choose the right furniture. Don’t invest in light chairs that’ll blow over the second a gust of wind hits it. 

Instead, make sure you’re buying outdoor tables, chairs, couches, etc. that can withstand a bit of nasty weather. You certainly don’t want to walk outside after a bad rainstorm and see your furniture scattered all over the lawn. 

Go For Easy-Care Options

Rather than picking furniture that’ll get ruined in one year, search for patio furniture that requires minimal upkeep. Metal, cedar, and even wicker are usually strong enough to withstand the elements. Sure, your indoor couch may look cute outside, but it’ll be a disaster in about two weeks. 

Water-Resistant Cushions Are a Must

Along with picking the right furniture, it is absolutely crucial to invest in water-resistant cushions. You want to find cushions that not only can handle rain, but that you can also easily clean.

It’s also a good idea to make sure all your cushions are properly secured to your couches or chairs, as you don’t want them flying off when it gets gusty outside.

Place Plants Strategically

Plants make an outdoor space what it is — and you should certainly invest in a handful — but be smart about their placement.

Plants get knocked over very easily (from either wind or pesky animals), and you don’t want to have to pick up broken plants every other week. Place your plants in areas where they’ll not only be protected from animals, but won’t get knocked down by weather.

Pay Attention to the Weather

While it’s a good idea to get furniture that can handle tricky weather, it is also a good idea to pay attention to the weather in your area.

If you see there’s going to be a big rainstorm or there’s potential for a tornado, it’s a good idea to bring some furniture into your garage or get it out of harm’s way. You’ve invested money into your outdoor space, so don’t let it get ruined by a little weather!