November Sky Events: Leonid Meteor Shower and Longest Partial Eclipse


The longest partial eclipse of this century, near-total, will be visible early Friday morning during the full beaver, blood moon, while the Leonid meteor shower reaches its peak on Wednesday and more sky events in November.

The Leonid meteor shower reaches its peak this week

Overnight on Tuesday, November 16, through the morning of November 17 on Wednesday, one of the most active annual meteor showers reaches its peak. The Leonid meteor shower is responsible for one of the most intense meteor storms in history, sometimes falling at rates as high as 50,000 per hour. For 2021, we can expect around 10-15 meteors per hour, reports. Even though the dates mentioned above are when it reaches its “peak,” some meteors still may be visible in the days following, continuing through November 30.

However, NASA’s meteor expert says one thing that will hamper disability this year will be the Moon’s face being illuminated at 95% during, reports.

Longest partial lunar eclipse of the century visible early Friday morning

On Friday, November 19, 2021, a near-total lunar eclipse will occur at 4:02 AM EST. During the eclipse, the Earth will move between the sun and the Moon, and Earth’s shadow will create a 99.1% eclipse of the Moon.

The eclipse will be visible across all of North America, ABC7 reports. It will last three hours and 28 minutes and is the second lunar eclipse of the year.

Longest eclipse of the century

According to, the eclipse will be the longest since the 15th century, around the time Machu Picchu was being built. The next time Earth will see a partial lunar eclipse that long will be on February 8, 2669.”

Full beaver blood moon

Due to the eclipse, the full Moon that occurs at 3:57 AM ET on November 19 will appear copper in color, a phenomenon referred to as a “blood moon.” November’s full Moon is also called the “beaver moon,” a name given by North American tribes, due to it being a time of year where beavers were seen along the banks of streams and rivers collecting wood to fortify their dams and lodges before ice sets and, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

3 visible planets in the evening sky

Throughout November and into December, you’ll be able to see three planets clearly visible with the naked eye in the evening sky. The brightest and most prominent throughout the month will be Venus, and as the month progresses, Saturn and Jupiter will become more prominent click2Houston reports. Face directly toward the southern sky, Venus will appear on the horizon lower on your right, while Saturn and Jupiter will be visible higher toward your left.