Severe Weather for the Midwest Next Two Days, High Temps in the South

Strong thunderstorms over several regions on Thursday, potential severe weather over the Midwest for the next two days, while high temperatures in the South but relief coming in many spots next week. The 3-day forecast.

NWS weather alerts

Here are the latest weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) for Thursday:

Excessive heat warning: central and northern Georgia.

Heat advisory: eastern and northeastern Texas; southeastern Oklahoma; southern Missouri; northern, central and eastern Louisiana; southern and central Mississippi; southern Alabama; northern Florida and the Panhandle; central and southern Georgia.

The 3-day forecast

High temperatures for much of the nation through the weekend, while the South will see feels-like triple-digit heat into early next week before a cooldown and parts of the Southwest, Midwest, Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic will bring temperatures below average, the Weather Channel reports.

Scattered thunderstorms will bring the threat of severe weather and flash flooding over the next three days. Here is the current 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Thursday: Severe weather in Midwest, heat alerts in the South

Scattered thunderstorms across the nation. The regions that could experience the strongest storms with a Level 1 marginal risk of severe weather are in the West over Nevada and Utah, in the Northwest over Montana, in the Midwest over Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas, and in the upper Midwest over the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin, according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

In the Midwest, Level 2 severe weather risk for portions of southern and south-central Nebraska into north-central, central and east-central Kansas.

In the South, a number of heat alerts (see above).

Some forecast highs: San Antonio 101, Dallas 99, Houston 101, Nashville 92, Atlanta 96, St. Louis 91, Chicago 85.

Friday: Severe weather for upper Midwest, heat continues in the South

A significant area with a potential Level 2 severe weather risk over North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska, which will bring the possibility of heavy rain and flash flooding.

In the South, heat alerts are expected.

Some forecast highs: San Antonio 103, Dallas 104, Houston 101, Nashville 93, Atlanta 91, St. Louis 91, Chicago 93.

Saturday: Scattered thunderstorms with potential flash flooding

Scattered thunderstorms over parts of the West, Southwest, Midwest, Great Lakes region, Ohio Valley, South and Southeast.

In the Southwest and southern Plains, heavy rain could bring possible flash flooding over central, north-central and northeast New Mexico, southern and southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, the Oklahoma Panhandle, and northern Texas.