Strong Storms Could Bring Flooding to East, Southwest, and Great Lakes


Two separate storm systems could bring flooding to the Southwest, as well as parts of the East which could also see damaging winds. Two new systems are active in the Atlantic. Today’s weather alerts and the 3-day forecast.

NWS weather alerts for Monday

Here are the most current weather alerts for Monday from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Flash flood warning: western Arizona

Flood warning: southeastern Wisconsin

Coastal flood advisory: New Jersey, Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, eastern Maryland

Flood watch: southeastern, east-central, central, and northwestern Arizona; southern, central, eastern, and northeastern Nevada; southern California; southern Wisconsin; northern Illinois; northern Virginia; central and western Maryland; eastern West Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Rip current hazard: Lake Michigan; Lake Superior for Marquette and Alger Counties.

Air-quality alert: Oregon, central and eastern Washington, Idaho, and western Montana

Two new systems active in the Atlantic

Meteorologists from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) are watching two new systems that have developed in the Atlantic.

“Disturbance 2” has a 20% chance of hurricane information in the next five days and is currently a tropical wave located midway between the West Coast of Africa and the Windward Islands. “Disturbance 1” has a 20% chance of cycle information in the next five days and is currently a tropical wave located just off the West Coast of Africa.

The 3-day forecast

Here is the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Monday: Storms on both coasts, flooding threat

Thunderstorms over the West and Southwest could bring heavy rain with the potential of flooding to portions of California, Nevada, and Arizona (see alerts above). Another system of thunderstorms across the South, Southeast, mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes region, and northeast could bring flooding to portions of Wisconsin and Illinois around the Great Lakes, as well as in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast over portions of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York (see alerts above). The Eastern system will push in a cold front, and it may also bring severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, and light hail and extend into Tuesday morning, the Weather Channel reported.

Tuesday: Western storms expand flooding threat

A storm system over the western third of the nation will affect all of the Western states, and heavy rain will bring the threat of flash flooding to parts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico.

In the East, thunderstorms over Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and throughout the Northeast.

In the South, thunderstorms for most of Florida and along the Texas Gulf.

Wednesday: Western flooding threat edges northward

Thunderstorms over the West as the system stretches into parts of the upper Midwest from Kansas into the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Heavy rain will bring the threat of flash flooding to southern Idaho, central and northern Utah, south-central Wyoming, and northwestern Colorado.

Potential mixed precipitation over northeastern Utah and western Colorado.

In the East, mostly clear except for rain over northern Maine.

In the South, thunderstorms for most of Florida (with the exception of the Panhandle) and along the southern Texas Gulf.