Winterlike Weather Moves in This Week, Freeze Warnings and Snow


At least 29 states are under freeze warnings and watches on Monday, as cold, winterlike weather moves in across America’s midsection. Records for cold and early snow could be broken this week. Alerts and 3-day forecast.

NWS weather alerts

Here are Monday’s weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Flood watch: eastern and northern Maine; northern Michigan.

Winter storm warning: northern Michigan; north-central, east-central Wisconsin.

Winter weather advisory: northeast Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, northern Michigan.

Hard freeze warning: northern Michigan.

Freeze warning: southern Wisconsin; eastern Colorado; southern Nebraska; Kansas; northeastern Oklahoma; Missouri; central and southern Illinois; central and southern Indiana; Southeastern Ohio; Kentucky; Tennessee; northern and central Arkansas; northern Mississippi; northern Alabama; northern Georgia; western South Carolina; western North Carolina.

Freeze watch: Central and northeastern New Mexico; southern Kansas; Oklahoma; central and southern Arkansas; eastern Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; northwestern Georgia; western South Carolina; central and western North Carolina; southwestern Virginia; western, northern, and eastern West Virginia; Ohio; western Maryland; western, central and northern Pennsylvania.

Frost advisory: eastern Colorado.

Michigan could see 18″ of snow, other areas could see earliest snow and coldest temps on record

Sunday night through Tuesday, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan could receive up to 18 inches of snow, MLive reported. Other areas in the Great Lakes region, Midwest and Ohio Valley could also record their earliest measurable snowfall of the year, particularly Cincinnati and Chicago. At the same time, cities throughout the region could see records for October lows broken, particularly throughout Iowa.

The 3-day forecast: Coldest weather of the season moves in bringing freeze warnings and snow

Cold weather moves in on Monday and will bring winterlike weather for several days potentially breaking cold and snow records. Here is the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Monday: At least 29 under winter-related weather alerts

The Great Lakes to the south, at least 29 states were under winter-related weather alerts on Monday (see alerts above) where cold and snow records could be shattered.

Mixed precipitation over the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and into the mid-Atlantic could bring snow and lake-effect snow.

Thunderstorms across central and southern Texas into Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast, as well as for the Gulf Coast along Florida and throughout the state. Thunderstorms will stretch along the Atlantic from Florida throughout the Southeast into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Rain over eastern Arizona, most of New Mexico, and western, central, and northwestern Texas. Rain over the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, heavy downpours over Maine where a flood watch is in effect.

Tuesday: Wintry weather for Great Lakes, mid-Atlantic, potential flooding in Northeast

Mixed precipitation over the Great Lakes region into the mid-Atlantic could bring wintry weather for portions of Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Rain and thunderstorms over the Northeast could bring heavy downpours over eastern and northern Maine with potential flooding.

Thunderstorms over southern Texas, as well as central and southern Florida.

The remainder of the country is expected to be clear.

Wednesday: Most of the country clear, wintry mix over Great Lakes, mid-Atlantic

Most of the country will see clear weather on Wednesday with the exception of thunderstorms over southern Florida and rain over eastern Maine.

A wintry mix over portions of the Great Lakes region, Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic to include portions of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York.